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Since 1958, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable products to serve them all.

Nouris M. Son G.P is a family owned business established by Mr. Myron Nouris in 1958 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company specialized in the manufacture of wire stitching machines for wooden crates used in the fruits and vegetables market.

In 1984 the 2nd generation came into management Mr. Ioannis Nouris having earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering and being an ambitious entrepreneur expanded the business by diversifying its activities, thus becoming the main supplier in Greece and expanding sales operations abroad for the first time in the company’s history.

During that time two new departments were formed, namely the Design and R&D, that would prove to be fundamental for the company’s growth, innovation and leadership They allowed the company to design and assemble every spare part necessary for the improvement of each machine in house which gave great flexibility and sales potential.

The continuous improvements in vertical operations (in house design, manufacturing and supply chain), have contributed to the company’s leading position in the production of machines for the construction of wooden crates for fruits and vegetables in the EMEA and Latin America regions.

Nouris M. Son G.P is an established brand with more than 60 years of experience and it is best known for its flexibility and excellent customer service The unique and innovative approach to manufacturing and sales gives the company the competitive advantage to offer optimal after sales service to all customers across continents.

Today, Nouris M. Son G.P committed to its family tradition produces state of the art technology including individual, semi automatic and fully automatic machines

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Quality comes first! We make sure that every minute detail is looked into while manufacturing even the smallest product. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.


Our vision is to produce state of the art machinery to produce wooden crates used to store fruits and vegetables.


Our mission is to provide our partners across the globe with full in house product development solutions according to the latest available technology.

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